Rehabilitative Services

Cancer Society Nepal is planning to start the Rehabilitation center soon with the objective of helping poor and needy cancer patients and their relatives and find appropriate employment. The center will specialize in a number of different activities including tailoring, stationary, fabrication, printing and manufacturing etc.

Curative Programs

We are planning to increase the numbers of branches to all the 75 districts in the country. CSN is also helping the patients with cancer to get proper treatment either inside or outside the country. The organization aims to work as catalytic agent to develop facilities for the treatment of cancer in the various hospitals its efforts to upgrade the facilities available. We are also trying to develop diagnostic and therapeutic services in the various health institutes in Nepal. Especially in Regional hospital.

Preventive Programs

Awarness program was launched to raise public awarness about the health dangers of smoking and tobacco use

Primitive Programs

Cancer Society Nepal has been educating the general Nepalease about the early signs of cancer with the advice to come to the doctor for the diagnosis and treatment at the slightest doubt.